ISC invests significant resources into the development of athlete’s technical sporting apparel and fan gear.

Over the years, the ISC product development team has drawn on the collective expertise of the automotive and military industries, as well as Australia’s leading research organisations including the CSIRO, to deliver high performance garments. This is one of the reasons ISC is the nation’s leading licensing brand.


    Feather fabric are knitted or combined with other fibres to create safety products such as seat belt webbing and conveyor belts (used in the transportation, warehouse and mining industry).

  • moisture management

    Feather incorporates ULTRAPHIL®HSD coating developed by CSIRO moisture management agent with soft handle for durable hydrophilic, anti static and soil release finish of synthetic fibres and their blend. Prevents the dirt particales from entering the knitted structure making washing easier and less vigorous.


    The ISC product development team drew on the collect experince of the automotive and military industries to deliver the high performance technology. The material is a hybrid derived from polyester and the high tenacity fibres used in seatbelt webbing.

  • In 2013, ISC released players jerseys and guernseys made from the strongest and lightest on-field player fabric ever, Feather.

    Coincidentally, the same year, four of ISC’s teams who had been playing in the Feather jerseys all year, made the NRL Grand Final. Coincidence, or something more? Prior to the launch, this super fabric was trailed under wraps in an official North Queensland Cowboys match in 2012. During this time, Feather also underwent testing by RMIT University. The results found the material to be 35% lighter than the previous fabric with a higher burst strength than any existing on-field player fabrics.


ISC’s compression fabric is knitted with a 100% recycled yarn, Repreve®, made entirely from post consumer plastics - a step toward environmental sustainability.

Materials such as post consumer plastics that normally go to landfill are broken down to create this new technical yarn.

This results in reducing the requirement of crude oil and conserving energy.

The recycled yarn is combined with high powered elastane to provide excellent stretch and recovery and enhanced durability.


ISC Aqua compression garments are designed for all water based activities that will sustain fit, comfort and performance in chlorinated pools, salt water and other water conditions. 

Aquapower fabric is the first compression fabric that is 100% chlorine resistant so the fabric will not degrade and the fit will last significantly longer. It is fast drying with low moisture absorption makes these garments ideal for cross training. Aqua compression can be worn in the water and also on the land – performing in all conditions.