Courtney Hancock
  • AGE: 25


Courtney Hancock is a young woman with the ambition, energy and natural ability to be Australia’s leading Ironwoman. We are proud to say she is also an ISC ambassador.

Born in Perth, but then raised alongside her 3 sisters in Sawtell on the North Coast of NSW, Courtney’s love of the water began when she joined “Nippers” at 5 years of age and then a day never passed when she did not have the sand between her toes and the salt water in her hair.

From these early days Courtney nurtured a dream that one day she wanted to be a Professional Ironwoman like her idol, Karla Gilbert.

Courtney has already achieved considerable success.

She won multiple Ironwoman titles in the cadet ranks at the Australian Championships and then other individual World and Australian titles in open competition. But by far and away the outstanding highlight of her sporting career so far is winning multiple Australian and Professional Ironwoman Series titles in 2011, 2013 and 2014. When Courtney also won the Coolangatta Gold in 2011 she became the first person to win the triple crown of elite events (within the same calendar year) in the history of Australian Surf Sports.

Courtney has also been a member of the Australian High Performance team for many years and this has seen her compete for Australia with distinction in Germany, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand.

At just 24 years of age Courtney has what it takes – dedication, enthusiasm and a contagious smile and personality that belies a strength of character and fierce will to win that make her very special.

Already regarded as one of the top Ironwoman in the Country, Courtney is driven by a desire to be the very best athlete she can be. She is naturally gifted physically and has the mental strength to make the necessary sacrifices in her personal life that will allow her to realise her full potential.

She will not be satisfied until she stamps herself as the very best Ironwoman in the country and in doing so she believes she will then be seen as a sportswoman who junior athletes will look up to. Just like she saw Karla Gilbert as her role model growing up she also wants to inspire young athletes to dream and work hard to achieve their goals not only on the sporting field but in life generally.

Courtney is a true shining light in her sport.



What does a normal training week look like?

A normal training week from Monday to Saturday involves 4 swim, 6 craft (ski and board), 4 running, 2 gym and 1 yoga session. By Sunday I am in need of a big REST !!!

What is your favourite compression item?

I love all my ISC compression gear but my favourite is my compression socks. I wear them when I am running longer distances on the roads or bush tracks and they really help prevent any soreness in my calves and lower legs.

What do you do outside of training and competing to relax and unwind?

There is not much time to relax away from training and competition, but when I can I love to eat out, see a movie, surfing, walking my puppy at Burleigh, relaxing with my friends, checking out the latest fashion, going out into Broadbeach having a good dance while drinking my favourite cocktail a Pinacolada. I really love what I do so everything about Ironwoman racing is exciting for me and it never becomes boring.

How does ISC Compression help with your training?

ISC compression gear is of a superior quality to any other compression gear I have seen. It provides me with great support and looks really good as well. I have no doubt whatsoever that it helps my training and recovery and it is probably significant that I have had no serious muscle injuries since I have been using ISC compression garments and accessories.